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SPSDeploy is a SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search administration tool. It allows an administrator to capture and propagate Search Service Application (SSA) configuration between multiple farms. The application is primarily designed for lowering the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) during Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario in a multi-farm environments. In this scenario there are multiple SharePoint 2013 farms (usually Production and DR) and each have a live SSA instance. The tool allows for immediate failover without loss of configuration data. The tool can also be used for creating SSA baseline configuration.

The following represents the basic usage of SPSDeploy:

SSA 1 (Farm 1) -> Extract Configuration (SPSDeploy) -> Extract File -> SSA 2 (Farm 2) & Compare (SPSDeploy) -> Changes File -> SSA 2 (Farm 2) & Changes File & Update (SPSDeploy)

  • Extract SSA Configuration:
SPSDeploy.exe Extract -e:C:\Development\SPS2013.xml
  • Compare SSA Configuration:
SPSDeploy.exe Compare -e:C:\Development\SPS2013.xml -c:C:\Development\SPS2013_Delta.xml
  • Update SSA Configuration:
SPSDeploy.exe Update -c:C:\Development\SPS2013_Delta.xml

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